Pond & Lagoon Management in Power Plants, Industrial & Mining Operations

Paragon ISG enhances your operations with specialized tailing pond management, diligent pond maintenance, and eco-efficient solids separation, optimizing costs and ensuring readiness.



Optimized for Safety & Efficiency

Paragon ISG provides innovative, specialized solutions for power plant, industrial, and tailing pond management, emphasizing environmental sustainability, operational efficiency, and cost reduction to support our customers’ business goals.

Dredging Equipment

Including Mini Dredger and Paragon Auger Dredge, ideal for sediment removal in a variety of pond sizes.

Dolphin Remotely Operated Surveying Boat

Equipped with cutting-edge surveying technology for safe, efficient, and precise hydrographic surveys of operational ponds.

75+ Shale Shaker Systems & 120+ Centrifuges

Preserving fluid integrity and prolonging equipment life. Providing solutions for contaminants specific to industrial facilities and mine tailing ponds.

Environmental Reporting

Utilizing a comprehensive suite of tools for ongoing environmental assessments, ensuring continuous compliance with environmental regulations.

understanding customer challenges

Through our collaboration with customers in the power and industrial sector, we have found a recurring set of challenges that companies often confront when optimizing their operations.

Challenges in maintaining efficiency in retention and tailing pond maintenance.

Complications in achieving compliance and managing safety risks.

Operational strains and high costs in solids separation during tank cleanouts.

Struggling to consistently adhere to rigorous environmental regulations

At Paragon ISG, our approach involves delivering specialized, innovative solutions for efficient mine tailing pond management, prioritizing environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.

Water Management and Contamination Control: Advanced treatments to prevent contamination and ensure compliance.

Sedimentation and Capacity Issues: Cutting-edge dredging to maintain capacity and efficiency.

Environmental Compliance and Monitoring: Rigorous assessments and monitoring for regulatory adherence.

Cost and Efficiency Balance: Cost-effective strategies without compromising efficiency.

Long-term Liability and Closure Plans: Sustainable closure plans for environmental restoration and minimized future liabilities.

case study 1

Efficient Sediment Management

Challenge: Sediment buildup in a water treatment reservoir affecting quality and compliance.

Paragon’s Solution: Effective sediment removal through dredging.

Results: 50% sediment reduction, improved water quality, ensured compliance.

case study 2


Challenge: Addressing water contamination in a mining company’s tailing pond.

Paragon’s Solution: Custom water treatment and precise hydrographic surveys with Dolphin Remotely Operated Boat.

Results: 70% reduction in contaminants, compliance with environmental regulations, and 25% increased operational efficiency.

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