Solids Control

We provide solids separation and dewatering services across the United States. Our company’s agility and flexibility allows us to move into new areas quickly or expand capabilities in established service areas.

Your In-House Experts

Our team is your team. We deploy the solids control equipment, staff it and use our deep expertise to maximize efficiency.

Our team knows solids control and knows the local conditions in each basin. By hiring Paragon ISG, you’re hiring more than a service provider, you’re gaining trusted team members and partners.

We have deep experience in solids control in all the major basins in the United States and will bring that experience to your job in order to maximize drilling speed and efficiency.

Why Solids Control

Minimizing Solids Lowers Cost

Solids Control is often taken for granted, but in fact the quality and efficiency of solids control equipment makes a positive difference in drilling fluid performance and cost.

Minimizing solids content in the fluid is a smart investment:

  • Lower dilution rates
  • Reduced additive/flocculant costs
  • Superior hole cleaning
  • Hole lubricity
  • Improved hydraulics
  • Better ECD control
  • Reduced solidification and disposal

operational areas


Extensive in-house testing capabilities allow us to quickly diagnose and fix issues, ultimately resulting in lower downtime for operators. 

Our in-house PSA (Particle Size Analysis) machine enables us to determine the size of the particulate suspended in the mud and ensure compliance with industry tolerances at all times. This in-house capability allows our teams to quickly fine-tune the solids control approach, maximizing drilling efficiency.

Our Lineup

Solids Control Equipment

At Paragon ISG, our extensive local and regional expertise specific to each area drives our equipment choices. For example, in the northeast we exclusively use large bowl centrifuges to maximize drilling speed. We ensure the right equipment is on each customer job, maximizing results and minimizing downtime.
Our experienced crews have a complete lineup of in-house solids control equipment at their disposal to put to work for our customers, including:

Why choose Paragon for both solids control & drilling fluids?

At Paragon ISG we offer both Drilling Fluids and Solids Control services, either on their own or as a packaged solution. By hiring Paragon ISG for both Drilling Fluids and Solids Control, we will take ownership of the complete end-to-end process and measure success based on the end result for our client – fewer days on well, increased ft/day drilling speed, less waste, and ultimately less total cost.

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