Environmental Services

Tailored and effective environmental consulting and remediation services to help you achieve compliance, unlock the potential of your site or operation, and drive economic growth.


Partnering with Paragon ISG to manage environmental hazards can significantly lower your risk of fines and liability, saving you substantial costs.

Increased Property Value​

Leveraging our brownfield redevelopment skills can turn underutilized sites into valuable assets, potentially boosting your real estate investments by 25% or more.

Faster Project Timelines​

Our swift and efficient environmental consulting and remediation approaches can fast-track your projects, saving you time and money and giving you a competitive edge.

understanding customer challenges

Compliance Challenge

Environmental regulation complexity can stir worries about fines and legal liability.

Contamination Concerns

Contaminated soil or groundwater remediation can affect business operations and communities.

Time Constraints

Swift environmental project deadlines can strain budgets and timelines.

Limited Resources

Can strain budget allocation for environmental projects, causing uncertainty.

Uncertainty About the Future

Keeping abreast with ever-changing environmental regulations can incite planning difficulties.

Your Partners at paragon

We believe you deserve practical and sustainable environmental services solutions that help you achieve your goals, protect your investments, and drive economic growth, delivered with the highest level of expertise, experience, and client-centered service.


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Our Lineup

Environmental services Equipment

Paragon ISG can handle any-scale, any-complexity site cleanup project or environmental remediation needs. We offer on-site services, including equipment and manpower, and also provide consulting and project management services.
Our experienced crews have a complete lineup of in-house equipment at their disposal to put to work for our customers, including:

Mini Dredger

Our mini dredges are designed for floating industrial duty and can operate and clean the bottom of a tank or digester while it’s in operation, without having to shut down.​

P-REX Amphibious Excavator

Includes a 3-inch gas powered diaphragm pump. Ideally suited for silt and sediment removal. Can pump slurry up to 250 feet with a flow of up to 5200 gal/hr.

Dolphin Remote Surveying Boat

Mine Tailings Ponds - Wastewater Treatment Digesters - Chemical Plants - Pulp Mills - Rock/Stone/Sand Quarries - Farm Slurry - Ash Ponds

Dino6 - Hydraulic Dredging

Equipped with a 6-inch submersible pump and 66-inch wide cutter head. Ideal to remove accumulated sludges and sediment from a body of water. Perfect for containment and decorative ponds, lakes, and marinas.

Case Study

Environmental Preservation


Paragon ISG was called upon for a bathymetric survey at a renowned theme park in Orlando, Florida. With our remotely operated survey boat, the Dolphin, we navigated challenging underwater terrain and gained precise insights, thanks to its advanced sonar technology. This led to a 40% reduction in survey time and a 25% increase in data accuracy, enhancing safety and fun at the theme park.


Reduced Survey Time


Increased Data Accuracy


Preserved Local Ecosystem

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