Environmental Services

We believe in protecting the natural environment for future generations. Using our deep expertise, Paragon ISG helps industrial and environmental clients reduce water consumption, minimize waste, and manage their environmental impact.

Dewatering Expertise

Our expert crews are highly experienced in dewatering, solids separation and desludging operations.

Paragon ISG has the experience and state-of-the-art equipment to handle your most complex sludge and clean-out projects.

Whether your project is in need of wastewater treatment, outfall remediation, digester solids remediation or other related services, trust Paragon ISG.

Case Study

Outfall Remediation


At a chemical plant in North Carolina, rainwater had been falling on the facility for years and collecting in detention ponds. These ponds were classified as waste and needed to be cleaned prior to release. Before Paragon ISG was brought in, this process was slow, laborious and ultimately stalled out due to solids buildup. After our crews and equipment came online, the solids were cleared out and processing speed increased nearly 10x. Since Paragon ISG was brought in, there have been no blockage-induced shutdowns.

120 gal/min

Paragon ISG processing rate, up from 14 gal/min previously

400,000 gal

Total gallons of sludge processed

Environmental Applications

Stormwater Remediation

Paragon ISG has the experience and equipment to handle complex sludge and clean-out projects. We have both stand-alone and portable centrifuges that provide excellent dewatering results. Tanks and systems we clean include: Catch Basins, Storm Drains, Equalization Tanks, Sediment Basins, Lagoons, Digesters and Drying Beds.

Biosolids & Digester

Through biosolids management, we take the nutrient-rich organic material resulting from the treatment of water at wastewater treatment facilities and form a safe, beneficial agricultural product for land application. Our professional and experienced team provides fit-for-purpose customized solutions for all aspects of your biosolids and residuals management needs.

Pond/Lagoon Dredging

Our unmanned floating dredges are designed for industrial water removal, water supply, or solids removal applications. They also feature technologies including GPS, flow meters and computer systems that allow our team to constantly view and communicate with the dredges without interrupting operations.

Our Lineup

Environmental services Equipment

Paragon ISG can handle any-scale, any-complexity site cleanup project or environmental remediation needs. We provide both on-site services, including equipment and manpower, but also provide consulting and project management services.
Our experienced crews have a complete lineup of in-house equipment at their disposal to put to work for our customers, including:

Mini Dredges

Our mini dredges are designed for floating industrial duty and can operate and clean the bottom of a tank or digester while it’s in operation, without having to shut down.​


We have both stand-alone and portable centrifuges utilizing polymer injection solutions that provide excellent dewatering results.​

Filter Pods

Depending on the wastewater source, filter pods may be used to meet discharge requirements. Our filter pods capture clays, sands, colloids and organic particulates.​

Environmental Sustainability

Our Responsibility

We are invested in the wellbeing of our diverse workforce and their communities.

We are committed to creating a safe environment to work for our employees and our customers.

We believe in striving to reduce our environmental impact and that of our customers.

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