Drilling Fluids

Our approach to drilling fluids is “hyper-local” and tailored to each basin. We track results on each job and use our extensive local testing capabilities to attain superior drilling efficiency.

Hyper-Local Expertise

Our Drilling Fluids expertise helps clients reduce days on well, reduce total cost and reduce waste.

At Paragon ISG, our experienced technicians and mud engineers prepare in-depth fluids programming, including hydraulic analysis to ensure effective hole cleaning, optimal penetration rates, and improved drilling efficiency.

We offer air/tophole chemicals, oil/synthetic based mud systems, and water based mud systems. All of this is backed by experienced crews and a company fleet of bulk trailers, flatbeds and tanker trucks.

Case Study

Reducing Days ON WELL


A recent customer in the Marcellus Basin commented that our unique approach to managing the Drilling Fluids increased efficiency and reduced days on well. Through our proprietary and data-based proactive approach, we were able to formulate optimal drilling fluid concentrations for this customer’s well site. This tailor-made approach ultimately helped them drill more efficiently, reduce waste and spend fewer days on well.


Multiple 28,000+ foot wells

2 mi/day

First team to drill 2 miles per day

operational areas

Local Testing Capabilities

A key element in our hyper-local approach to drilling fluids is our local testing capabilities. Paragon ISG has local testing capabilities including:

  • Full API mud check (WBM or OBM)
  • Particle size analysis
  • XRD testing
  • Dynamic filtration control
  • Lubricity
  • Mercurity intrusion pore size

Why choose Paragon for both Drilling Fluids & Solids Control?

At Paragon ISG we offer both Drilling Fluids and Solids Control services, either on their own or as a packaged solution. By hiring Paragon ISG for both Drilling Fluids and Solids Control, we will take ownership of the complete end-to-end process and measure success based on the end result for our client – fewer days on well, increased ft/day drilling speed, less waste, and ultimately less total cost.

Customer Responsiveness

One of our core values at Paragon ISG is “do the right thing”, and we take that commitment seriously on each job with every customer.

When we’re on a job with a customer, we are part of the team and invested in that customer’s success. We know in this industry that setbacks and hurdles come with the territory, and believe that it’s how we respond to those inevitable issues that sets us apart. If a customer has an issue and calls us up, even if that call is off hours or over a holiday, we’re picking up the phone and solving the issue.

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