LG-100 Additive

For High Performance Water Based Mud

The LG-100 additive improves drilling operations with superior inhibition, wellbore stability, lubricity,
reusability, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness.

Supercharge Your WBM

Approaching oil-based mud levels of performance, without the cost.

The primary building block for high-performance water-based drilling fluids, the all-in-one LG-100 inhibition and hydrate suppressant from Paragon ISG reduces cost compared to oil-based mud (OBM) while also reducing your environmental footprint.

Equally effective in freshwater as well as brine water-based drilling fluids, the LG-100 additive provides superior inhibition and wellbore stability.

LG-100 can be used to design a high-performance water based mud system that approaches even oil-based mud systems in performance, while also exhibiting the durability required to be reused on multiple well pads in today’s unconventional shale plays.

proven track record

Case Study

Faster Drilling, Lower Cost

LG-100 Depth/Days versus OBM

In the Eagle Ford shale, an operator faced Gumbo problems while drilling a 12 ¼ inch hole to set surface casing at 5,400 feet. The flow line was plugging, and the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) was “balling up.” On the next well, 3% LG-100 was added, effectively eliminating Gumbo issues, reducing drilling time by 30%, cutting mud costs by $8,000 to 5,400 feet, and completing the job in just 11 hours.


Reduced Drilling Time


Reduction In Mud Cost

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

LG-100 also excels in helping with difficult Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) challenges including thick mud and frack out. Deploying the LG-100 hydration suppressant additive helps operators save time and lower costs by ensuring wellbore stability and reducing swelling.

LG-100 is suitable for use on all types of HDD jobs including pipelines, service conduit, fiber optics, and other extended-reach boring projects.

Environment & Sustainability

Formulated with an environmentally benign anionic modified vegetable oil derivative and a blend of mixed metals, the easily recyclable LG-100 is a key component of a high performance water-based drilling mud system. By greatly increasing performance of water-based drilling fluids, LG-100 enables efficient drilling without costly and environmentally hazardous oil-based mud.

Through reuse across multiple wells and by reducing the cost, risk, and emissions associated with oil-based mud, LG-100 can help advance you and your clients’ ESG objectives.


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