Maximizing HDD Project Success

Paragon ISG’s tailored approach to drilling fluids and solids management​ enhances horizontal directional drilling (HDD) with precision, efficiency, and sustainability through advanced fluid and solids management solutions.

Engineered solutions for seamless drilling in diverse geological conditions.

Customized fluid programs to optimize drilling efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

Rapid, on-site fluid engineering for real-time support and technical expertise.

understanding customer challenges

In this demanding industry, we are keenly aware of the challenges our customers regularly encounter, including:

Challenges in maintaining borehole stability and controlling fluid loss in HDD.

Difficulties in effectively managing drilling solids, affecting equipment and efficiency.

High operational costs and delays due to inadequate fluid and solids control.

Environmental concerns and regulatory compliance in HDD operations.

Engineered By Design for HDD Success

Paragon ISG delivers expertly tailored, efficient solutions for HDD fluid and solids management, focusing on sustainability and operational excellence.

Advanced Drilling Fluids: Precision-engineered bore passage strategies and on-site fluid management.

Local Testing and Equipment Capabilities: Customizing fluid properties and rapid field adaptability for specific drilling conditions.

Enhanced Solids Control: In-depth fluid analysis, universal screen compatibility, and rapid diagnosis for optimal drilling efficiency.

case study 1


Challenge: Tackling borehole instability and fluid loss in a complex HDD operation.

Paragon’s Solution: Engineered Bore Pass and real-time fluid management strategies.

Results: 50% reduction in fluid issues, 20% decrease in costs, 30% faster project completion.

case study 2

Case Study 2: Advanced Solids Control in HDD

Challenge: Managing solids in a challenging HDD project environment.

Paragon’s Solution: In-depth Fluids Analysis and Universal Screens Compatibility for efficient solids control.

Results: Improved equipment lifespan by 35%, reduced costs by 25%, 40% increase in drilling efficiency.

Discover how Paragon ISG's rapid response and customized efficiency in drilling fluids and solids management revolutionize HDD operations, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental stewardship.

Rapid and Efficient Operations: Enhancing project completion with maximized drilling efficiency.

Cost-Effective, Customized Solutions: Tailoring strategies to reduce overall project costs.

Local Expertise for Global Challenges: Leveraging local testing to address regional HDD challenges.

Sustainable Practices: Prioritizing environmental responsibility and waste minimization in HDD.

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